I never thought infertility would be part of my story. I guess I never thought much in general about the “what ifs” in trying to get pregnant. I wasn’t the girl who answered the question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with, “Become a mom,” so my fears about my future were rarely related to having a family. However, at least for right now, this is part of my story, and I want my story to encourage others. I am finding freedom in vulnerability, and I am seeing God’s hand at work even in the midst of what feels like darkness.

Much of my writing style on this blog attempts to weave stories of my life into how I see God at work. My hope is that even if your circumstances are different than mine, that you will relate to the ways I am looking for God in my everyday moments.  Posts I have written in this way but relating to my own struggle with infertility can be accessed through “Seeing God in the Wait.” However, below I am sharing stories, experiences, and specifics as we walk through this season. I didn’t quite know how to set my expectations for some of what this journey entails, and I want to write it down before I am too far removed so that it can help you out on a practical level. I am praying that the Lord uses these to encourage you if you or someone you know is walking through infertility. The enemy loves to isolate us in our struggles, but I want you to know that you are not alone in this journey.

My Heart Behind My Vulnerability

Our Story, So Far, and Fighting Shame

Why We Have Been Slow To Take Steps

On Pregnancy Announcements (And Fighting Bitterness)

Good Days and Bad Days

When Your Friend is Walking Through Infertility

Still Not Pregnant: A Poem

Crying in Public Places

The Ticking Time Bomb

Barren at Christmas

Staining Shattered Glass: I had the privilege of sharing a fairly raw version of my story in Fathom Mag.

The What-Ifs That Follow Answers (1/2017)

Watching Through the Plexiglass (3/2017)

Encouragement as Mother’s Day Approaches (5/2017)

When Mother’s Day Is Painful (re-sharing from 5/2016)

Being Okay With Peace (6/2017)

Relating To The Storyline On Friends (6/2017)

Distinguishing Between Longing and Being Left Out (11/2017)

We’re Still Here (11/2018)

The Mom Club (1/2019)

The Gift of Capacity (2/2019)


One thought on “infertility

  1. Thanks for sharing, my husband and I are also dealing with infertility. We are in the process of adoption. Check out my blog Wishing you and your husband the best of luck :)

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