encouragement as mother’s day approaches

May 2017

Over time, I save articles and blog posts that encourage me specifically relating to infertility, and I wanted to share some of them with you if you are looking for encouragement as Mother’s Day approaches.

When You Find Yourself Hopeless on Mother’s Day” by Sara Hagerty is one that I  think I will keep coming back to over and over. (I also enjoyed her book Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet!)

Why the Church Needs the Infertile Couple” from Christianity Today. I read this in their magazine and had to take a pen to it to underline and dissect all that was being shared, but it was affirming and well written for the most part.

Unanswered Prayers” from the Storyline blog

When Waiting Wears You Down” by Ann Swindell is not specifically about infertility, but I love her thoughts on waiting. (I highly recommend her book Still Waiting.)

My Cabbage Patch Kid” was written by the counselor I briefly saw in Northwest Arkansas early on in our infertility journey. She graciously shared her blog with me from her own season of infertility, and this concept is something I come back to frequently.

Joy in Trying to Get Pregnant” by Nicole Cole was one of the first pieces I read about infertility when we first started to scratch the surface of this season.