an ordinary, everyday soundtrack

Thank you, Ben Rector, for real-life love songs and grounded perspective. This album might be on repeat for awhile…

There are way too many love songs
And I think they’ve got it all wrong
Cause life is not the mountaintops
It’s the walking in between
And I like you walking next to me

–“I Like You”–

I don’t need shiny things
Or love from a movie screen
But I tell you what I really want
Oh oh, oh oh
Give me an ordinary love
That I touch, that I hold
Give me an ordinary love

–“Ordinary Love”–

We’re better off the sooner that we find
That life is mostly what we choose to see
Cause whether or not I’ve got what I want
Life keeps moving on in front of me

–“Life Keeps Moving On”–


a penny for your thoughts

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