different people

Eric and I were talking last night about when we first met a year and a half ago. He was wondering if we seemed like the same people, and I said nope.

notice the awkward distance between us, leaning in slightly but not too closely...

It’s hard to believe that this was our first “date.” Well, sort of. More like the first time we ever spent more than five minutes talking together, and it just happened to be a weekend in Memphis for his fraternity formal. At the time, I definitely had no idea that I would end up starting to like him, then decide I did not want to date him, then end up dating him, then be engaged to him, and – soon – marry him!

I don’t feel like he is the same person. At all. It’s weird to connect the two, honestly. Maybe because it took me so long to put away my fear and date him. Maybe because he was able to let his guard down once he realized I wasn’t perfect so he didn’t need to try to be.

Whatever the reason, I know the Lord has grown and shaped us both, and I am so thankful for the people we have become, both individually and together.


a penny for your thoughts

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