gratitude for the mundane

i know the point of social media is to display the highlights of your life. you post pictures of the exciting moments, the fancy dinners, the cute things your kids do. it’s a place to brag on yourself and your life without having to justify it.

but the problem comes in when you grow discontent with your life because everyone else’s lives look more fun/exciting/interesting/meaningful/fill-in-the-blank.

we aren’t ready to have kids yet, but when i see pictures of moms and sweet moments with their littles, i get baby-fever for a second. pictures don’t show sleepless nights and discipline issues and cleaning up messes – just the good stuff.

it’s an unrealistic picture of life – it’s one-sided.

and the solution for social media-induced restlessness is gratitude, which leads to contentment. so please don’t see this post as me bragging, but simply finding things to be grateful for in the midst of a more mundane season.

i am grateful for squash that turns into spaghetti when roasted, and for being able to serve dinner in a squash-shell.


i am grateful for bean boots and fall walks with our pup.


i am grateful for a pup who likes to watch me make dinner and wash dishes.



i am grateful for evenings alone to get lost in my thoughts – and for the anticipation of my husband returning home. i am grateful for God’s provision and how it is always enough.


a penny for your thoughts

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