the near but not yet

evening dawns earlier each night as cool air moves in and fills the crevices in our doors and windows.

you might not know it when running errands mid-afternoon, sweat dripping along your back and sticking flyaway hair to your forehead, but seasonal change nears. it’s as if the stars still awake in early morning are whispering, “fall is close.”

creation clues us to what is ahead. if only i caught such clues for myself.

sometimes, in the midst of high heat indexes and brittle grass, I wish for change to happen more quickly than the process plans for. I wish for something other than the sweltering summer-

though just a few months prior to that wish, I was shivering, craving the very thing I am now wanting to escape.

never content never made for a rested soul, and i am weary from longing for what is further down this path.

“you have made us for yourself, o lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” -st. augustine


a penny for your thoughts

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