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Very rarely do I update this blog on our day-to-day life. My purpose in this blog is less of a life story and more of a writing outlet with the significant things God is showing me. But so much has happened in the past couple of months that I thought it would be worth it to tell a little more.

First of all, we are joining staff with Cru! We recently attended an 8-day condensed New Staff Training, which had so much information that it felt a little like drinking from a fire hydrant, but it was so encouraging and affirming for this direction! For more about our ministry vision, you can visit our Cru-specific site at http://www.ericandsamanthabarnes.com.

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Second, Eric rode in his first “crit” race. This is a cycling race around a small course for a set amount of time – just getting in as many laps as you can and trying to finish first in your group. Previously, he has primarily been a distance rider, focusing on going further and being “fast” at that, but this is a different type of speed and strategy. He really enjoyed it, and I think he learned a lot. The crit season is actually over for the most part – it is a spring event, so who knows how much more he will be involved next year!


Third, we got a dog! Right now, it’s the best we are going to do to keep up with our friends buying houses and having babies, haha. His name is Ridley and he is a 2-year old border collie. We adopted him from a friend who wasn’t able to give him the attention he needed, and this dog has been such a fun blessing for us during this season! Especially as company for me, since I am working from home right now as we raise support.

Date Night at Arsaga’s on Dickson Street


It’s a rough life, lounging while Sam is working


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family of 3


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