Today is Eric’s 24th birthday! I feel so blessed that we have gotten married at this point in life – we are going to get to celebrate a lot of birthdays together, and this is the first one since we have been married a short almost-two-months.

However, in that short amount of time,  I have already seen so many things I love about him. So, for his birthday, I wanted to make a list of 24 things I love about him. Sappy? Yes. No shame – I love this man.

  1. He looks me in the eyes and re-promises his marital vows to me, every day.
  2. It is always exciting to come home to him after work.
  3. He makes praying together a priority.
  4. He likes anything and everything I cook – the only exception involved my adding too many jalapenos.
  5. He quotes lines and songs from movies in funny voices.
  6. Every night, he makes sure the kitchen is clean before getting ready for bed.
  7. He tells me every day that he thinks I am beautiful.
  8. He does the dishes daily because he knows it is my least favorite chore and we don’t have a dishwasher.
  9. He volunteers to heat my car up every morning before work.
  10. He has taken such sweet care of me when I have been sick, feverish, throwing up, and at my worst (which has happened twice since we have been married).
  11. He is conscious and wise when it comes to our finances, and he started working on our budget even before we got married.
  12. When we share ice cream, he always lets me choose chocolate even though he doesn’t like it.
  13. He plays the guitar.
  14. He is constantly on the look out for good devotionals for us to do together.
  15. He understood my need to decorate and settle into the house and helped make it a home.
  16. He goes with me into the basement at night to do laundry because he knows it creeps me out a little down there.
  17. He gives really good hugs.
  18. He plans really creative dates.
  19. He is constantly praying for me.
  20. He has a heart to use our marriage to encourage others and bring glory to God.
  21. He likes to daydream together about the future.
  22. He challenges me in my personal time with the Lord.
  23. He’s a hunk.
  24. He puts Christ first in his life and in our marriage.

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