copy cat

Ephesians 5:1 – “Therefore, be imitators of God, as beloved children.”

I love watching children interact with their parents – especially their dad. There is something about a dad that gives children a freedom to trust him and feel completely secure.

There is also something about a dad that makes kids want to be just like him.

When I was younger, our family took camping trips every summer. We would spend the week at Petit Jean in central Arkansas, sleeping in a tent and riding our bikes around and doing state park activities. Some of my best memories with my family come from those trips.

Whenever we would go on hikes, I would always try to be second in line – right behind my dad, who went first. I used to stare at the ground most of the time, watching where he stepped, so I could step exactly where he did. He seemed to always miss unstable rocks, and he didn’t trip over roots. I imitated everything he did because I knew that his way would be the best since he was my dad.

In the same way, we should have this respect and awe for our Heavenly Father which causes us to do what He does and want to be just like Him. We should have this trust for Him that believes everything He does it right and good, even if there is no previous proof. My mom didn’t tell me to be like my dad. My dad didn’t even ask of  it. I just knew that his way would be best because I knew him and loved him.

If I am going to imitate God, the context of this passage tells me that I should be walking in love – and my example to imitate is “as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us.” Those are the steps I should be walking in, and who I should be patterning my life after.


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